Gilberto - Silva and Vieira Arsenal

Gilberto - Silva and Vieira Arsenal have provided the lack of strength over the past decade, Sol Campbell is the only full-time defender, Ashley - Cole, Lauren and Section Luo - Toure have been given more offensive by Wenger task. Lehman was remembered by the fans for his mistakes, but at the Premier League debut season, Lehman did not lose the ball when played. Arsenal have the league's best offense and defense, both active and defensive counterattack, this is the true reason why this unbeaten division can beat Chelsea 95 points to become the best team in the Premiership history. British media exposed Conti's favorite transfer goal James Van Riemsdyk Jersey, Rome's Neo-Golan's name was mentioned. It is worth mentioning that Bakakoyo disappointing performance this season, it seems that he can not succeed Matic as Chelsea on the defensive end of the animal husbandry, and the Noah Golan to Chelsea's list of signings is not surprising. Belgium is not only good at long shots Eric Brewer Jersey, defensive ability is also very powerful, Conti naturally hope that the player. But fortunately, Feyenoord fans quite acceptable performance, the face of our lens, Thomas from Rotterdam also seemed a little "shy", "and most Feyenoord fans, I deliberately leave to see this The game Nikita Zaitsev Jersey, Rotterdam and Manchester really the same weather, so we will not have any maladjustment. "" Although the team has so far not a point, but in the Champions League and Manchester City over the move, we also There will not be too much regret Kasperi Kapanen Jersey.
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Balotelli has left Manchester City

Balotelli has left Manchester City for 4 years, Manchester City equipment leader Chapman disclosed the Pakistani God more funny details Mitchell Marner Jersey. Chapman worked for Manchester City for 17 years, but also "why I always" jersey producer. In an interview with The Daily Mail, the person in charge of Manchester City equipment first commented Pakistani God: "He is clever and not stupid, and he is still very generous. In the striker's signings, Chelsea want to sign a new center Kris Versteeg Jersey, after all, Bashyuyi in Chelsea from reuse, may leave the team in January, Conte's goal is to Moti Levin and Valdi. The former played well in Serie A, helping Lazio this season, scoring 15 league goals, the latter is Leicester City's main front hegemony, very familiar with the Premiership Auston Matthews Jersey. In the left back position, Conti is hoping to find a substitute for Marcos - Alonso, his candidate is Juventus Sandro, but the deal is not simple, because this summer Darcy Tucker Jersey, Chelsea had sent 7000 The offer of million euros, or rejected by Juve.
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Balotelli sometimes whimsical going

Balotelli sometimes whimsical going to the car repair station, pay everyone for oil money, and sometimes give a lot of money to the homeless guy. "Chapman said a little bit paving the way Travis Dermott Jersey." But he still always surprised why his car will be detained 27 times! Because of his camouflage camouflage painted good, but he always stopped it in San Carlo restaurant outside the double yellow line. After he left the club, I opened his locker and all the parking tickets were dropped. Even before the game we all think Manchester City will be a substantial shift in the game, but talked about whether there is a chance to take away scores from Etihad, the Dutch fans slightly reluctantly jokingly, "Even if Manchester City does not discharge the most Strong lineup, I think we have absolutely no chance, a little bit of chances. "" If I predict the score, then 9-0 it! Manchester City is too strong, let's enjoy football together! Because the last round of competition lost to Rome Tie Domi Jersey, Chelsea are currently ranked second in the group, 1 point behind Rome, but the Blues have not yet determined the group qualify. Although Chelsea beat Karaoke by 6-0 in the first leg of the match, Conti could not dare to take the second turn lightly: "I think tomorrow we must be highly focused because Carabuque twice bets against Atletico Madrid and Rome to win This is an important race and if we win we will be able to qualify for the next round Borje Salming Jersey, which is very important to achieve this goal before the last round of Atletico Madrid Morgan Rielly Jersey.
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When asked about the national team losing

When asked about the national team losing the issue, to attend the pre-game conference Smolin apparently not feeling very good Frederik Gauthier Jersey. The 27-year-old England center midfielder has seen himself playing for many years at Manchester United, one of the world's largest clubs, with many honors outside the Champions League; the Red Devils currently have the fewest goalscoring goals and are among the most important A member Milan Michalek Jersey, selected England team is reasonable. Although the team has locked the top 16 in advance, Coman and Mike from Manchester still said, "We still need to win the game to ensure that the group's first name.Now the Manchester City team has a very good young players, such as Fu Deng and Diaz Morgan Rielly Jersey, they will get the chance to play in this game, but in any case, to win the game is the most important. "And Manchester City against the luxurious front-court attack line, a series of losses Mendee and Stone Two General's defender looks a little precarious, "Stones injury indeed did bring a small blow to the defense of Manchester City, but fortunately, Compagni came back healthy. Conti then complained again about the unreasonableness of the Premier League schedule: "We all know very well that we are going to have another hard game on Saturday and I must be honest about Liverpool and I was a bit surprised that this season is already the first The second time this happened, the first was for Manchester City, we challenge Atletico on the road to Wednesday Darcy Tucker Jersey, then back to London at 5:00 and then to Manchester City on Saturday, but their Champions League game one day earlier.
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