When asked about the national team losing

When asked about the national team losing the issue, to attend the pre-game conference Smolin apparently not feeling very good Frederik Gauthier Jersey. The 27-year-old England center midfielder has seen himself playing for many years at Manchester United, one of the world's largest clubs, with many honors outside the Champions League; the Red Devils currently have the fewest goalscoring goals and are among the most important A member Milan Michalek Jersey, selected England team is reasonable. Although the team has locked the top 16 in advance, Coman and Mike from Manchester still said, "We still need to win the game to ensure that the group's first name.Now the Manchester City team has a very good young players, such as Fu Deng and Diaz Morgan Rielly Jersey, they will get the chance to play in this game, but in any case, to win the game is the most important. "And Manchester City against the luxurious front-court attack line, a series of losses Mendee and Stone Two General's defender looks a little precarious, "Stones injury indeed did bring a small blow to the defense of Manchester City, but fortunately, Compagni came back healthy. Conti then complained again about the unreasonableness of the Premier League schedule: "We all know very well that we are going to have another hard game on Saturday and I must be honest about Liverpool and I was a bit surprised that this season is already the first The second time this happened, the first was for Manchester City, we challenge Atletico on the road to Wednesday Darcy Tucker Jersey, then back to London at 5:00 and then to Manchester City on Saturday, but their Champions League game one day earlier.
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